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Forge Motorsport Alloy Fluid Tank - Fuel Tank UNIVERSAL

These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
FMFT076-C Alloy Fuel Tank
Capacity 1 Gallon
Size 200mm X 200mm X 120mm
FMFT078-C Alloy Fuel Tank
Capacity 2 Gallon
Size 240mm X 200mm X 200mm
FMFT079-C Alloy Fuel Tank
Capacity 3 Gallon
Size 340mm X 200mm X 200mm
FMFT080-C Alloy Fuel Tank
Capacity 4 Gallon
Size 490mm X 150mm X 250mm
FMFT081-C Alloy Fuel Tank
Capacity 5 Gallon
Size 130mm X 480mm X 360mm
FMFT082-C Alloy Fuel Tank
Capacity 6 Gallon
Size 600mm X 150mm X 300mm
FMFT083-C Alloy Fuel Tank
Capacity 8 Gallon
Size 480mm X 250mm X 300mm

Product Description

An all alloy replacement fuel tank. This tank is foam filled and pressure tested. It will accept the original fuel pump / sender unit. Unlike others this tank is cradle supported the avoid the fractures that can occur where mounting brackets are welded directly to the tank.

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