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Clutch Pack Kits

Brand: Dodson Motorsport | Category: Clutches

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Product Description

Dodson Motorsport offers a world renowned reputation for manufacturing and assembling transmission components to withstand serious torque levels and driver abuse in daily driven and racing applications. Does your MK5, MK6 or MK7 Audi or Volkswagen run a K04, Stage 3 or big turbo kit? Maybe even a supercharger kit depending on application? Have you found the limits of the 02E DSG (S Tronic) transmission’s torque holding capabilities despite the software calibration change to hold higher torque levels? Look no further than Dodson Motorsport’s Sportsman and Sportsman Plus Clutch pack kits. These kits are assembled using quality machined billet pieces, Quality EXEDY™ frictions and a reliable core program to provide you with quality controlled parts. When making big horsepower, tolerance and clearance are everything when you are looking to translate that energy through the drivetrain.

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